Bridal Meal Plan

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A beauty boosting, 3-day body refresh that works to give you that extra glow on your big day

It's what's inside that counts

Bring out your inner goddess glow with our feel-good Bridal cleanse. Indulge in three days of low glycemic, clean eating to remedy unwanted puffiness, ease inflammation, and boost energy before your big day. High in nutrients and low in calories, this resetting cleanse packs organic, non-GMO, and plant-based foods, juices, and teas to leave you feeling your best self (skin and hair included). Try it with your bridesmaids or gift it to the bride-to-be.

All of our products are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO.

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antioxidants
  • Detox
  • Energy
  • Metabolism Support
  • Low Glycemic

Bridal Meal Plan

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5 out of 5


Our testers raved about the raw foods and found that the juice-and-meal combo kept them full. Says one BRIDES editor who tried this a few weeks before her own wedding and lost four pounds: “It helped me avoid stress eating or over-indulging because I knew exactly what I had to eat each day while I was running around. And, I have to say, I felt confident and beautiful at my wedding.” Post-cleanse, she’s better about drinking water and has shed her sugar cravings, she says. “I went to Paris for my honeymoon, and I had no desire to eat macarons!”

5 out of 5


I have bought this several times and I really love it. It’s a nice mix of items, I really like all of the meals and it’s so much better for me than a straight juice cleanse. The lemon almonds are an amazing treat I would like to have them around all the time. Sometimes I will add an extra dash of vinegar to the salads because I feel like the kale could use a bit more dressing to soften up. It’s also a little light on the calories for me when I work out so I usually add in something like an apple or some raw almonds, coffee w/almond milk etc. if I’m feeling overly hungry or light headed. All in all I love it and will probably order many times to come.

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