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Fertility Resources



About Dr. Laurie Terzo

Holistic medicine is my specialty. Empowering woman is my passion. Combining the two is my job. Drawing upon 20 years of experience in Chinese medicine and functional medicine, I offer a uniquely balanced approach to help women make profound changes and take control of their hormones and fertility.

As a holistic doctor, I partner with my clients to discover the root cause of their body imbalances. Using an inclusive approach I review lab work and results, nutrition, herbal medicine, stress reduction techniques, supplements/herbs and lifestyle changes with all my patients.

My dedication is in working with women’s health and fertility issues which includes infertility, menstrual cycle irregularities, poor sleep, anxiety/depression, low energy, stress, weight gain, and low libido. I love helping women feel healthy, energetic, and motivated about life. Because when they do, they are the changemakers of the world & this is what drives me!

My other lifelong passion is plant foods and I am a whole foods plant-based practitioner, using the power of food as medicine.

I offer virtual one-on-one fertility and hormone consultation and have an online natural fertility program for women. To join my free Facebook community for Natural Fertility, join us here. For more information on me or my work, please visit my website at

About Dr. Hillary Fredrickson

Fertility and families are my passion. After years of clinical practice and seeing the positive impact of using food as medicine and integrating the newest scientific research with age-old healing wisdom, I believe so strongly in integrative fertility and family care. Wanting to share this experience and knowledge with more women and families, I created Cultivate Fertility along with fertility expert, Dr. Kara Burkhart. Cultivate Fertility is an on-line community providing the most comprehensive and valued information on how women and men can prepare their mind, body, and spirit to start and grow their families. We offer support through digital courses and targeted supplements for your fertility journey.

After a fertility struggle myself, I am blessed to be the mother of three lovely kids (ages 16, 14, and 11) who fill me with joy. I’m a devotee of adventurous world travel, a home chef for friends and family and a firm believer in the healing power of laughter, dancing and fun.

I am passionate about natural medicine and love to work with my patients to find a grounded state of balance and wellness in all areas of their lives. I currently see patients in Larkspur, CA at Marin Natural Medicine Clinic and at Pediatric Alternatives in Mill Valley, CA.

About Neka Pasquale

Neka Pasquale, didn’t set out to create Urban Remedy–it was a natural evolution of her passion for health and healing and living a lifestyle with “food is healing” as her mantra. Growing up in the farm-to-table culture of Northern California, Neka was inspired by people who care about what they eat and who strive to eat for health as well as pleasure. In her private practice of over a decade, Neka combined acupuncture and Chinese medicine with cutting-edge nutrition and lifestyle modifications to heal, balance and create optimal health. Neka started leading wellness retreats with her patients and over and over again they described experiencing life-changing results after just a few days. Inspired by these transformations, Neka knew she had found her calling and in 2009, Urban Remedy was born.