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Metabolism is the complex processes that regulates how our cells use and store energy. It’s closely tied to the endocrine system, and the hormones that control and coordinate your body's internal metabolism. When the body is in homeostasis, and our metabolism's running as it should, we burn calories efficiently and our energy levels are normal. When we experience high stress, consistently eat inflammatory foods high in sugar and carbs, don’t sleep well, and stop exercising, our metabolism can be greatly affected. Not moving your body enough is thought to create qi stagnation in Chinese medicine which is one of the precurosrs to dis-ease in the body. By exercising (yoga, walking, running, swimming) you move your qi and get the body circulation going to support metabolism and overall health and wellness. 

Lifestyle tips

Getting your metabolism back on track includes lifestyle changes like a diet low in carbs and inflammation. Incorporate healthy fats in the morning to support hormones, load up on omega 3’s from foods like salmon, and stay away from refined sugars (and instead replace them with stevia or xylitol). Try to get enough sleep, and include stress reducing activities like yoga, meditation, and tai chi to your regimen.

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