Week 01 – Kate Upton 12-Week Meal Plan

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A 6-day meal plan curated for and by Kate Upton. With 3 days of all the food, juices, snacks you need and 3 days of flexibility with meal replacements and colorful juices to start your day right. All her favorite UR items for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Includes special proteins and workout shots only available in this plan with functional benefits for active, busy lifestyles.

It's what's inside that counts

A 6-day curated meal plan for and by Kate Upton based on the offerings she regularly eats to stay healthy and fit. Kate has been a customer of Urban Remedy for years, and we based this plan on how she actually eats and with her favorite items. The plan is part of her Strong4Me Fitness platform where Kate shares her every day workouts for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

You will receive 6 days of items for this plan:
-First three days of everything you need including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, juices and functional shots.
-Days four through six you will have a morning meal replacement and colorful juice to start your day right and flexibility to eat out or cook meals
-Day 7 is a free day

    Anti-Inflammatory Energy Healthy Fats Hydration Metabolism Support

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5 out of 5


The matcha bar is amazing and all their meal replacement drinks are tasty. I haven’t had any juice, drink, snack I didn’t love. Plus any time an issue comes up their customer service is delightful.


    Thank you for your review, Ashley! We’re so glad you’re enjoying everything, we’re so grateful to be able to support you and provide you with healthy products.

5 out of 5


The bar is soooooo yummy. It pairs choc and peanut butter, a favorite combination!!!! I want more!

4 out of 5


The rainbow bowl was average and the protein bar was gross. Everything else in this has been good. Wish there was a chicken alternative.

3 out of 5


The shake on this day was good the rainbow salad was average and the protein bar was by far my least favorite out of everything so far.

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