Love Thyself Spell Oil

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Your new ritual for natural radiance with garnet gem essence oil

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It's what's inside that counts

Jasmin and lemon balm scented. For self-love and understanding the universal emanation of our own loving reflection. We are all mirrors, karmically displaying what we think and feel which we ultimately attract. Strive to deny social conformity and love the skin you were born in which attracts that love back! This oil will help boost self-esteem and enhance your natural radiance while allowing you to be exactly who you are. These oils can be used as massage oil, daily perfume, in a bath/foot bath. You can also apply to pulse points, anoint your heart chakra, or make up your own ritual.

Chakra: Heart + Sacral

Not for internal consumption.





Garnet gem essence, safflower oil, rose mica pigment oxide, quartz crystal, raspberry leaf, jasmine, lemon balm, balsam + Reiki Energy Special


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