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Welcome to the UR Love Podcast, hosted by Urban Remedy Founder, Licensed Acupuncturist, and herbalist Neka Love Pasquale. In each episode, listen to thought leaders who inspire us to restore and preserve our innate healing capacity, educate us on sustainable, organic, and regenerative farming, and the how and why behind Founders who are leading the way.

Podcast – June 29, 2022

UR Love Podcast: The Truth About Fishing with Carlos Molina

By Neka Pasquale, Founder of Urban Remedy

Urban Remedy community outreach is of paramount importance to our team members. Urban Remedy is proud to be a Certified B Corp. We believe business can be …

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Podcast – April 29, 2022

UR Love Podcast: Letters of an Herbalist with Guest Rachelle Robinett

By Neka Pasquale, Founder of Urban Remedy

Rachelle Robinett, Founder of New York-based Supernatural, and the creator of HRBLS gummies, teaches and offers cohesive, daily herbal remedies for our mod…

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Podcast – March 15, 2022

UR Love Podcast: Regenerative Food, Big Change

By Neka Pasquale, Founder of Urban Remedy

The UR Love Podcast is excited to have John Roulac on, who is the founder of the pioneering superfoods company, Nutiva. Listen as Neka reviews the entire s…

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Podcast – February 2, 2022

UR Love Podcast: Female-led Vegan Innovation

By Neka Pasquale, Founder of Urban Remedy

In this week’s podcast episode, Urban Remedy founder, Neka Pasquale, is joined by guest Miyoko Schinner, Founder and CEO of Miyoko’s Creamery. Making p…

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Podcast – January 1, 2022

Homeopathy with Dana Ullman MPH, CCH

By Neka Pasquale, Founder of Urban Remedy

Dana Ullman brings light to the practice and history of Homeopathy. Learn what this medicine of choice by many cultural heroes over the past 200 years, can…

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Podcast – December 1, 2021

Dr. Shade of Quicksilver Scientific – Upgrading the Modern Detox

By Neka Pasquale, Founder of Urban Remedy

Neka has Dr. Shade, the Founder of Quicksilver Scientific, for a discussion about advanced detoxing principles. Dr. Shade shares knowledge to level up our …

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Podcast – November 17, 2021

UR Love Podcast: Regenerative Organic Farming with Neka Pasquale, Caryl Levine, and Ken Lee, Founders of Lotus Foods

By Neka Pasquale, Founder of Urban Remedy

Regenerative Organic Farming is a step beyond what most consumers know “organic” to be. The process and new Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) ai…

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