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Recipes – February 3, 2017

Raw Carrot Cake

By UrbanRemedy

Carrots are full of beta-carotene, which contributes to good vision and a healthy immune system. Here they make a satisfying dessert that tastes just like …

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Well Being – February 9, 2016

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Refined Sugar

By Neka Pasquale, Founder of Urban Remedy

Satisfying your sweet tooth and snacking healthily are no longer mutually exclusive. At Urban Remedy, we couldn’t go without our sweets, so we’ve found…

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Recipes – November 11, 2013

Snack your Way to Lower Cholesterol

By Rebecca

Snacking on these 3 ingredients with their awesome nutrition is sure to bring your cholesterol in below par! Dates: Dates, nature’s finest candy, repleni…

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