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General – October 28, 2014

Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw, Paleo…

By Megan

Raw Vegan Vegetarian Paleo

Are you overwhelmed by the array of often contradictory information out there about what to eat? I’m not going to convince you to adhere to a particular meal plan, claiming one is better than all the rest. Because guess what? You can acknowledge all the information out there without subscribing to any one set of dietary rules. Only you can figure out how to best nourish your unique constitution, but it takes practice and awareness.

With the variety of food philosophies available to us, it almost feels as if food is the new religion. We announce things about ourselves like “I’m Paleo” or “I’m Vegan,” and it represents a huge part of who we are and how we live in the world. To many, these food philosophies can be intimidating. You don’t have to be a macrobiotic raw vegan or a diehard paleo to learn a few things about these meal plans and explore them. Here are some tips to make the the commitment towards a healthful, mindful diet.

Create a mission statement.

Decide what is the most important aspect of nutrition to you and how can you honor that. For example, my mission statement goes something like this: I eat to nourish the health of my body. The foods I eat are real foods, with real ingredients. I listen to my body and feed it accordingly.

Practice body awareness.

Close your eyes and follow your breath for a few moments. Then ask your body what it needs. Don’t try to grasp at the answer; just let it come naturally. When you fully tune in to yourself, you will find the truth of what your body needs. It may be rest, or warmth, or hydration… Practice this throughout your day and before eating. Don’t eat because the clock indicates it’s meal time, eat because you are hungry. Don’t just feed the hunger; eat to truly nourish your body. Does your body want something light and refreshing like an apple or a green juice? Does your body crave something more dense with healthy fats and protein like an avocado, hummus or a meal replacement shake?

Commit to your way of eating, then really go for it!

You are in charge of your health because you have the unique ability to tap in and pay attention to what’s going on within. The best advice I can give is be a student of life. Learn about food and learn about yourself. Having both nutrition-knowledge and self-knowledge will make you wise when choosing what is best to eat.

Cleanse your body and then slowly introduce certain foods back into your diet.

If you are used to having meat in your meal plan, take a break. One of the best ways to explore how your body digests and tolerates foods is through cleansing. From there, try eating a raw or plant-based diet for a few weeks. Notice changes in your digestion, energy levels, mental clarity, weight, and skin, etc. If you choose to go back to eating animal-based foods, limit your intake. You may be surprised to find that you function better eating a variety of raw plant-based foods with no or limited animal-based foods. If you feel you need to eat meat, then do. You can choose to eat an abundance of vegetables too.

Raw juice and plant foods help the body heal because they are alkalizing, optimizing digestion and creating a healthy flow of life energy within through their great nutrition. We are not here to tell you what to eat. We are here to offer you the ability to eat clean whenever you need. If you can’t be a raw, gluten-free vegan, be someone who eats a raw, gluten-free diet 1, 3, or 5 days a week. We are here to serve and support anyone who wants to learn about food and explore different meal plans. Figure out what that means to you. If you have any questions about your diet, please drop me a comment!

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