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General – September 30, 2014

Why is Raw Juice So Popular?

By Megan

Why is Juicing So Popular by Urban Remedy
Perhaps you’ve noticed that suddenly cold pressed, raw, certified organic juice is EVERYWHERE. The raw juice trend speaks to our growing consciousness of food and nutrition and our desire to feed ourselves more wisely. It’s exciting to have so many juice options! But not all juice is created equal. Know what you are drinking and why. Here are some things to know if you are new to the practice!

Pasteurized Juice

Pasteurized juice uses high temperatures to kill any bacteria in the juice. The process of pasteurization comes in handy for a big food company that distributes its foods across the country. In this way, juice can be preserved and last for a long time. The majority of juices sold in grocery stores have been pasteurized. The problem with pasteurized juice is that it maintains its sugar content, but lacks its original nutrition. Pasteurized juice is the lowest quality of juice in terms of nutritional benefits. It is focused on preservation, not health.

HPP (High Pressure Processed)

HPP juice does not use heat but instead high pressure, which inactivates certain enzymes by slowing down their chemical processes. This causes the food to deteriorate. The nutrition of the juice is not completely diminished by this process, so it allows the juice to maintain a partial natural state while keeping the juice safe for short shelf life. HPP is a great option for those on the go without daily access to cold-pressed juices.

Cold Pressed Juice

Cold pressing extracts juice by first crushing fruits and raw vegetables and then pressing. This process does not interfere with the natural state of the juice and keeps all the nutrition intact. This juice has a very limited shelf life and should be enjoyed within a few days of being pressed. You are getting raw, unprocessed juice that is full of nutrients. If you don’t have a juicer or don’t have time to juice at home, cold pressed is your best friend.

When it comes to juicing, Fresh is best!

When juice is first pressed, the nutrients within the juice are at their highest quality. Consuming juice as fresh as possible will offer the greatest benefits. If you think you are getting away with a great deal on a pasteurized green juice from the grocery store, think again. The amount of healing nutrients in a fresh juice is unmatched. You can spend half the money, and your wallet will benefit, but your body won’t. Choose organic cold pressed whenever you can.

Here’s a tip for How to Start Juicing!

Before you go out and buy the right juicer, put yourself on a one month juice plan. Get your body used to drinking raw juice regularly. If you decide you really want to commit to juicing, then go buy the juicer. Begin gradually… Juicing is a time-consuming and messy process, so don’t overwhelm yourself. Try juicing at home 2 days a week and then treat yourself to a cold-pressed juice the other days. Do your best and let Urban Remedy support you with the rest.

Never too late to start juicing with Urban Remedy


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