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Post Baby

yoU Are a sUperWomAn

It’s not a race

In Chinese medicine, post childbirth is a critical time for women to rest and strengthen their bodies. This month-long period post-birth is called “zuo yue zi”, meaning “sit this month”. Eating nourishing healthy foods during this time is important for strengthening and regaining the energy and nourishment for your new baby. Living as stress-free as possible during this time makes for a happy and healthy mother and child.

TCM diet tips

Diet and lifestyle habits have a huge impact on how quickly the body bounces back after pregnancy. Warming food choices tend to be best for new mothers—ingredients like ginger, garlic, tomato, eggs, sweet potato, beets, black beans, and spinach are wonderful restorative foods to incorporate into the diet, too. We've made eating healthy post-baby as easy as opening the fridge. Our Macro and Soba bowls, and our Rainbow salad are delicious warmed up on the stove top.