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UR Healing – February 12, 2015

Raw Juice vs. Smoothie? When to Choose a Meal Replacement Shake

By Megan

I recently found myself in conversation with a few “breakfast smoothie” enthusiasts. They strenuously argued that smoothies are simply better than raw juice.

Who says that one has to be better than the other?

Just because you can add kale to both and sip away at your nutritious and delicious meal, doesn’t mean they are in the same category. It is just not a fair comparison.

It would be like comparing apples and oranges.

Sure, they are both made up of fruits, both pack health benefits, both can be a sweet treat, but really they are two very different things. And best of all, you can have BOTH smoothies AND juice in your life. It doesn’t have to be an either/or.

Knowing why you are choosing one over the other will empower you to best feed the needs of your body.


Raw juice and smoothies will both benefit your body, just in different ways.

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With a Smoothie?

You can pack in more calories, which will help keep you satisfied for longer. You get the fiber and the perk of nutritional add-ons such as spirulina, maca, chia seeds, etc.

If your appetite is strong first thing in the morning, explore how to create your ideal smoothie that packs in a good amount of nutritionally benefitting ingredients.

Smoothies are more like a liquified meal. Refuel on the go with a Meal Replacement Shake. Smoothies are a convenient way to fill up while you are on the move.


With Raw Juice?

Juice may not give you that feeling of fullness like a smoothie will, but it offers your body the ultimate way to cleanse and detoxify.

Raw juice contains the extracted living nutrients from plant foods. It’s best to drink juice on a empty stomach so that it can flush through your system and easily assimilate. If your appetite is generally low in the morning, if you want to recharge your digestive system, or if you feel the need to cleanse and heal your body, start each day with raw juice.

Raw juice is medicine, and it has the unique ability to deliver an intense burst of nutrients that would otherwise require you to eat an outlandish amount of produce.



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