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General – October 6, 2014

Sweet Tooth for Nutrition

By Megan

The Mindful Sweet Tooth by Urban Remedy

So much of life blooms from a drop of nectar. It is the reason that flowers open to the sun and invite the birds and the bees to play.

That sweetness in life is at the root of our knowing to reproduce, bloom and be vital. That sweet nectar found in the rhythm of the seasons can be witnessed in a thriving garden, as well as in our own desire to feel satisfied. The bees joyously labor over the flower, and from that we get the fruit and honey that fills our own table with variety and an abundance of nutrition.

Sugar, naturally found in the tissues of most plants, has undergone some changes throughout history. These changes have more recently left us with a refined substance enjoyed for nothing other than its taste. Recent claims go as far as defining sugar as a poison to the body. Refined sugar is full of calories, but offers zero benefits to the body. The body doesn’t know how to utilize this type of sugar, which actually depletes the body of its own minerals, vitamins, and proteins. It is becoming more evident over time that sugar is degrading our bodies and contributing to diseases that eventually kill us. Now is a great time to end your relationship with processed sugar and make friends with some healthier sweet alternatives.

The good news for all you sweet-toothed, consciously-minded food enthusiasts is that you can easily feed your sweet tooth in a more self loving way.

The sweet taste of our diet is in a variety of foods that actually help to sustain our health and give us a sense of satiation. In Ayurvedic medicine, food is classified into 6 tastes: Sweet, Salty, Pungent, Sour, Bitter, and Astringent. Ideally, we find a way to balance these tastes and include each in our daily diet, which means that treating yourself to some sweets is truly necessary at times.

Satisfy your sweet tooth this summer with ripe fruits, dried fruits, and nutritive sweeteners such as date paste, coconut sugar, and raw honey. For all you chocolate lovers with a finicky aversion to anything but the real thing, our raw Cacao Mousse promises to please.

Sweets that are healthy? Now that’s something to celebrate!

Treat Yourself with Urban Remedy

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