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General – March 16, 2020

Safety Precautions We Are Taking

By Neka Pasquale, Founder of Urban Remedy

Safety Precautions We Are Taking

To our amazing UR community,

With the concerns around COVID-19, I wanted to share how we are keeping our beloved customers and UR family members safe and healthy.

I want to share I believe more than ever in our FOOD AS HEALING mission. Offering our community fresh, clean, plant-based food with powerful health benefits is our passion. We are here right next to you holding love and light in our minds and hearts that we may all be healthy, safe, and grateful for all we have.

-First and foremost, food safety has and will continue to be our number one priority. Urban Remedy has the highest-level certification for Safe Quality Foods attaining a level 3 SQF certification.
This rigorous farm-to-fork food safety and quality certification assures that our food and juices meet the highest possible food safety and quality standards. Which include sanitation practices and annual audits.

– Reinforced “best practices” in regard to handwashing and sanitation practices.

-Adding extra sanitation staff to monitor cleaning and handwashing.

–We are not allowing any ill employees to report to work and are educating employees on signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

-We have implemented same day mobile order & delivery to accommodate people who are working from home or sick and need healing foods. Find Urban Remedy on the app store.

-“Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food.” according to the CDC.

Wishing you absolute vibrant health!



For lifestyle and wellness tips see my previous blog on HEALTHY HABITS FOR VISUSES AND COLDS.

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