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Metabolism Meal Plan Guide

About this meal plan

We’re making it easy to kickstart weight loss. Our Metabolism Kit packs three days of fresh, organic, plant-based meals and juices that work to increase your metabolism, detoxify, and satisfy your hunger. This low glycemic, nutrient-rich cleanse is chock full of color and crunch to leave your hunger satisfied and your body rejuvenated (and slimmer!) by the day’s end.

Metabolism meal plan

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Plan tips

  1. Start your morning with a glass of warm water with half of a lemon squeezed into the water. Eight (8oz) glasses of water are recommended daily.

  2. If you are doing strenuous exercise and need to eat more, please choose anti-inflammatory foods.

  3. Enjoy our delicious Herbal Slimming tea made with Chinese herbs that strengthen digestion, reduce bloat and curb appetite. Steep 1 tea bag in 1 cup of hot water for 10 minutes and enjoy 15 minutes before meals.

  4. Add Tinctures to your beverages according to the plan above.


To support a healthy body, we recommend seeking out foods with anti-inflammatory properties.

Please give us a call at 855.875.8423 or send an e-mail to should you need support or have any questions.

Please consult your physician if you have any medical conditions.

Take wellness to the next level

A cleanse for the mind, body and spirit. Metta-Morphosis is our first holistic program focused on the whole self. Beacuse a healthy lifestyle goes beyond food. Root in organic food and juices, the program also includes expert instruction in purposeful movement, mindfulness and meditation to help steer you along your soulful journey back to your center.

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We're on a mission to reimagine our food system and teach the world that food is healing. Join us!

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