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Metta-Morphosis Program

More than a cleanse

A cleanse for the mind, body and spirit. Metta-Morphosis is our first holistic program focused on the whole self. Beacuse a healthy lifestyle goes beyond food. Root in organic food and juices, the program also includes expert instruction in purposeful movement, mindfulness and meditation to help steer you along your soulful journey back to your center.

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Part 1

Organic plant-based food & juice

A clean artfully-crafted meal plan featuring Urban Remedy's signature low glycemic healing juices, tinctures and plant-based meals, delivered to your door.

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Part 2

Purposeful movement

Powerful online classes designed by master instructors and other experts to promote empowerment through movement.

Part 3


Guided meditation sessions to cultivate mindful awareness and inspiring videos to empower you to purge negativity from your life.

Part 4


An online community designed to support and inspire before, during and after the program. Moderated by Urban Remedy Founder and Licensed Acupuncturist, Neka Paquale, LAc MS.


Live PUrposefUlly


A community of wellness, designed for you

Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience based in cutting-edge nutrition theory and ancient wisdom, and supported by experts in health, wellness, nutrition, exercise, meditation and integrated medicine. We're here for you every step of the way.

Stephanie Daniel
Dr. Daniel believes in the innate wisdom of the human body—that it has a natural desire and ability to be in equilibrium with itself and that by learning how to feed and nourish our mind, body and soul, we are able we are able to live a life of optimal health and vitality. She is a practicing physician and founder of Functional Medicine SF, in San Francisco, and focuses on empowering women through a personalized approach to health and well-being.
Dana Damara
Dana is a teacher, author, thought leader, mother and an activist for women of all ages. She is actively cultivating community with her Embody Truth Teacher Training, which delves deep into the core of what makes each of us want to share the gift of yoga. Dana helps empower girls through Girls Elevate, and is bringing yoga, mindfulness and social and emotional learning into middle/high schools through Youth Elevate.
Angela Lindvall
Angela is renowned for her creative versatility; a quality she brings to her work as a model, actress and TV host, and, more recently, teacher of kundalini yoga, wellness advocate, avid environmentalist, and mother. Her appreciation for her surroundings and community led her to explore self-care and wellness. "Self-care implies not only caring for yourself physically and spiritually, it means taking care of the world we live in."
Dee Merz
Extraordinarily gifted and dedicated to learning, Dee gets accolades from her clients and her teachers as well. Having received her Master of Intuition Medicine® Certification (MIM) in 2009, Dee is now a senior teacher at the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in Sausalito, CA. Over years of practice and development, Dee’s natural gift of intuition has helped her become an exquisitely capable agent of personal and spiritual transformation.
Annie Rosenthal Parr
Proprietress of RoCo Dance, Annie is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and performer. She holds a BFA in Dance from NYU’s Tisch School, and is RYT 500 hour yoga certified. Her fusion class ”Contemporary Yoga" bridges dance and yoga, and is accessible to all. She encourages multi-dimensional movement, the use of explosive power, sensitivity, texture, phrasing and clarity—paced to safely warm up the body and maximize strength and placement.
Shauna Shapiro, PhD
Shauna is a professor, author, and internationally recognized expert in mindfulness. With twenty years of meditation experience, Dr. Shapiro brings an embodied sense of mindfulness to her scientific work. She has published over 150 journal articles, and coauthored critically acclaimed texts on mindfulness. Her work has been featured in Wired, USA Today, Dr. Oz, the Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, and the American Psychologist.
Heather McKenzie
Shanti Tilling
Heather and Shanti, creators of Move Your Asana®, are fitness experts, having taught over 20,000 classes combined! Both have practiced yoga throughout their careers and train clients in kickboxing, boxing, cycling, and strength, using tools like ReXIST360, BOSU, TRX, medicine balls, sandbags. They have worked with fitness levels from novice exercisers, to weekend warriors, and professional athletes.


Care for your whole self

Today's fast-paced life can leave us feeling depleted, overwhelmed and sometimes utterly disconnected. Metta-Morphosis was deisnged to be your guide to a healthier, happier you.

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