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General – September 3, 2014

Jumpstart your Metabolism with Raw Foods

By Megan

Jumpstart your Metabolism

When you hear the word metabolism, the words fit and thin might resonate within your auto-brain. There are just certain loaded words in our culture that excite us. Metabolism, followed by the word booster, is one of those words.

Metabolism is more of a grand concept than the simplified version referring to body weight that we’ve come to know. Metabolism is the interaction of enzymes within all cells that allows them to grow, reproduce, and maintain life. Without metabolism, you simply could not exist. Metabolism includes the very important transformative role of digestion: breaking down the proteins, carbohydrates, and fats of your diet to provide the energy your body needs to function.

Yeah okay, so let’s get to the “how” of increasing our metabolism.

Your habits, lifestyle, and diet greatly influence the rate of your metabolism. Raw living foods offer their own enzymes, which means your body doesn’t have to work as hard to digest them. Think of your metabolism as a fire: the foods you’ve eaten are the wood, and your digestive enzymes are the strength of the fire. Without the strength of the fire, the wood cannot burn. Any residual wood represents the undigested food in your gut. Over time, this creates excess fat where toxins can accumulate.

One key to increasing your metabolism is increasing the fire within.

Boost Your Metabolism The Fire within

Boosting your metabolism isn’t just about slimming down, even though that can be a resulting perk of caring for the needs of your body. Think of it this way: all streams and rivers eventually lead to an ocean. The ocean of you represents the deepest core level of your health; when you begin to attend to the channels that connect to that ocean, eventually you learn to connect to the whole source. When you boost and support a healthy metabolism through raw foods and better nutrition, you are benefiting your whole body.

Food as medicine is truly about supporting the systems of your body via optimal nutrition.

We have thoughtfully created our cleanses, meals, and kits to support you and your efforts towards better health and nutrition. Our Metabolism Kit was specifically crafted to help you boost your metabolism with raw and low glycemic food options. Like most of us who lead busy lives and desire accessible healthy choices, our Metabolism Kit offers you an easy way to move through your day with everything you need to feel nourished, satisfied, and on target.

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