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Uncategorized – January 20, 2011

Fire Ceremony

By Neka Pasquale, Founder of Urban Remedy

The fire ceremony is an ancient tradition used across many cultures to enact renewal, purification, and cleansing. Because fire transforms something tangible into something unseen, it is a fitting symbol of change.

As you create an intention, write down whatever negative energies, emotions or memories you long to release. When you have completed your cleanse, burn the paper in a fireplace, firepit or even over a candle.

As a complementary ritual, you may choose to write the positive affirmations that represent the release of negativity. For example, if your negative statement says something like, I want to let go of feeling tired, unhealthy, and unhappy all the time, then your affirmation might read, I am vibrant and healthy. I enjoy life to the fullest. Keep these affirmations somewhere you can see them and reflect on them daily. You can even say them out loud, as an exercise in personal empowerment.

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