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General – October 22, 2013

Be a Bedtime Yogi

By Rebecca

Your deepest sleep? It’s only a pose away!

After a busy day, your racing mind can be the biggest obstacle between you and a good night’s sleep. Here at Urban Remedy, we know a deep sleep is one of the simplest ways to reboot the nutrition in your body. However, dozing off? That’s not always an easy feat. If you have trouble falling asleep, try becoming a bedtime yogi! Even after your busiest day, adding a few simple yoga poses into your nighttime routine can ensure a seamless descent into dreamland.

Invert to Calm Down

Lie down with your back on the bed, scoot your butt against the wall, and stretch your legs straight up onto the wall. Raising your legs above your heart not only stretches your hamstrings, it also increases circulation to the brain, calming your mind and preparing you for your exciting dreams ahead.

Twist Away Your Day

Seated on the bed, cross your left arm over your right leg and twist to face the wall behind you. Hold, and then switch sides. This simple twist stretches your back and massages your organs, releasing any of the day’s remaining stress and helping you detox.

Hug it Out

Lie down on your back, hug your knees to your chest, and slowly rock from side to side. Enjoy this light back massage while stretching your lower back. After a day sitting in your office or car this pose gently rocks you to sleep like a physical lullaby.

 Thirsty before Bed? Relax with some cashew milk. Add some cinnamon for a hint of warm spice. We make sure our cashew milk is full of nutrition, with cinnamon and vanilla. Sweet dreams indeed!

Tonight, quiet your body with these simple poses and doze off into your deepest sleep yet. Dream sweet, and enjoy a restful night for an energized tomorrow!

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