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Tantalizing side dishes & more

eAsy HoliDay entertAininG

Fresh, organic dishes for your holiday entertaining

Holiday entertaining can be as simple as opening the fridge. Our meals and bowls easily work as ready-to-eat side dishes. Family and guests will delight in every satisfying bite while you'll feel great knowing you're serving the freshest ingredients on the planet, without a trace of dairy, gluten, white sugar, white flour, or unhealthy oils.

Healthy Holiday Entertaining

Side dishes crafted with plant-based goodness

Serving recommendation: 1 salad serves 2 to 3 guests. Example: 6 guests = order 2 or 3 salads

Satisfying appetizers & snacks

Serving recommendation: 1 appetizer/snack serves 2 guests. Example: 6 guests = order 3 appetizers or snacks

Desserts without the bad stuff

Serving recommendation: 1 item serves 1 guest. Example: 6 guests = order 6 desserts

Healthy Thanksgiving Makeovers

With its focus on appreciating autumn's bountiful harvest, Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to rethink unhealthy food traditions. Our founder, Neka Pasquale, share some simple ways that you can give traditional dishes a healthy, delicious makeover.

1. Make a low-glycemic homemade cranberry sauce. Use fresh or frozen cranberries, cook in fresh apple juice, and sweeten with coconut nectar or stevia.

2. Try a gluten-free stuffing. Instead of a heavy bread stuffing, use gluten-free and fiber-rich wild rice. Mix with with plenty of veggies and flavor with poultry seasoning.

3. Sub out the carbs. You can fool the potato lovers by simply swapping the potato with cauliflower for a creamy side dish that won’t raise your blood sugar level the way mashed potatoes do.