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Food that's healing to people and the planet

We believe it should be easy to find food that benefits our health and satisfies our cravings. That's why we've reimagined ready-to-eat food to create a "food safe zone." With Urban Remedy, you can be sure that everything heals and nothing harms, and know that your choice of organic supports your wellbeing and the earth's. Without a trace of dairy, gluten, white sugar, white flour, or unhealthy oils, nourish your body with every bite.

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Barry’s Meal Plan

We partnered with Barry’s to make it easy for you to eat cleanly and support your immune system. Infuse your cells with the power of plant foods, and experience the cleanest organic, non-GMO, fresh vegetables, roots, nuts, seeds, oils and superfoods. Down to our salt, every ingredient is chosen for its healing benefits. Get fresh, ready to eat Barry’s plans delivered to your door.

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Doing away with all fillers, chemicals, and toxins, we're reimagining our food system with food that's healing to people and the planet. Every tantalizing dish we create has the goal of improving health through what we eat. Applying her combined background in traditional Chinese and functional medicine, founder and licensed acupuncturist (LAC) Neka Pasquale chooses each ingredient for its specific benefit, so all dishes are ready-to-eat and ready-to-heal.

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Urban Remedy's Neka Pasquale On Making Health Delicious

While practicing as an acupuncturist and herbalist, Neka Pasquale L.Ac. MS, started to notice that her patients needed help making nourishing, healthy food a regular part of their routine. This need for a creative solution inspired Pasquale to found Urban Remedy, which delivers ready to eat plant-based, organic meals, juices and snacks that embody her belief that food is healing.

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Think of Urban Remedy's newest offering, Metta-Morphosis, as a total body reset.

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Another certified organic option that rocks.

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The perfect choice when you're looking to detox or jumpstart weight loss goals.

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Practical nutrition that fits a busy lifestyle.

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2017 Top Product Beauty Award Winner

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