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Welcome to Day Three!

Day 3

Today is the final day of the program – you are almost there. Hopefully you are feeling more energized than before. Remember to write in your gratitude journal and make time for today’s meditation and movement routines.

In the beginning of the program, you focused on your intention and what you wanted to let go of in your life. Now is the time to give yourself permission to release those things. If you have not done so already, with a strong intention, write down whatever negative energy, emotions, or memories you long to let go of. Take a moment to think about the fact that you’re consciously doing away with these aspects and then if you choose to partake in a ceremony, I like to close with an ancient ritual that’s used across many cultures to signal renewal and purification. Because fire transforms something tangible into something unseen, it is a fitting symbol of change. I also like the dramatic, ceremonial aspect of it. You can burn the paper on which you wrote what you want to let go of and in a fireplace, fire pit, or even over a candle in a pot. (Just make sure it’s a safe place you won’t start a fire). When you burn the paper and watch it vanish to nothing, it’s a potent way of enacting your desire. Seeing those negative aspects reduced to ash is an exercise in affirmation. When you throw the paper into the fire, it’s a powerful metaphor for releasing whatever is holding you back in your life. Take a moment to reflect on the gratitude you feel for completing the cleanse and having the courage to change your life. As a complementary ritual, you may choose to re-write the positive affirmations that represent the release of negativity. For example, if your negative statement says something like, “I want to let go of feeling tired, unhealthy, and unhappy all the time”, your affirmation might read, “I am vibrant and healthy. I enjoy life to the fullest.” Keep these affirmations somewhere you can see them and reflect on them daily–you can even say them aloud, an exercise in personal empowerment.

Remember that this cleanse wasn’t a stand- alone act. It’s meant to kickstart a whole new healthy lifestyle. You can use this knowledge for the rest of your life. For example, if you have an indulgent night or weekend, drink some green juice during the week or try eating a more plant based diet. You can also share the power or what you have learned with friends and family. We want to continue supporting you on your journey so check in with us on our private FB page for community events and take advantage of all the information on our resources pages. You will see suggested reading list, recipes for health, informational podcasts, meditations and articles that we hope you take advantage of.

Wishing you increased health and vitality!




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    Angela Lindvall reads The 10 Bodies

    From The Aquarian Teacher Manual by Yogi Bajan



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