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Daily Cleansing Guide

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Purposeful cleansing is a way to reset (and heal) your mind and body. Our juice cleanses work to rid your body of toxins and load it back up with power-rich nutrients and antioxidants for a detox that’s as delicious as it is satisfying.

This guide provides useful tips for each day of your cleanse. Follow the number of days as it pertains to the duration of the cleanse you’ve purchased. For example, if you’ve purchased a 3 day cleanse, follow the guide below for Days 1 through 3. Regardless of the number of days for your cleanse, end your cleanse with the post cleanse suggestions below.

Day 1

Whatever your goals, cleansing is a big step in the right direction. First thing in the morning, begin your day with a glass of filtered warm water and the juice of 1/2 a lemon. Enjoy your first juice of the day around 9:30-10 am with the juice marked #1.

What to Expect

Today your biggest challenge may be getting used to replacing solid food and caffeinated beverages with juice. Towards the end of the day you may start to experience a slight headache. This is normal so don't fret. This is your body ridding itself of toxins and adjusting to a different style of nutrients.

Cleansing Tip

If you start to feel hungry, feel free to drink your next juice early. Listen to your body and feed it when it feels right. If you need someone to talk to, head over to Facebook or connect with fellow juicers on Twitter using #urbanremedy.

Day 2

Don't forget to begin your day with a glass of filtered warm water and the juice of 1/2 a lemon. Begin the first juice of the day around 9:30-10 am with the juice marked # 1.

What to Expect

A common concern today is experiencing a headache. This headache is often replaced with mental clarity around day 3. If you get fatigued in the middle of the day you can skip to drink 5 as it will help with hunger and energy levels. Feel your body's natural healing power strengthening your body to a different style of nutrients.

Cleansing Tip

Don't forget water! Make sure to be sipping water between juices to aid your body in cleansing out toxins as well as helping you curb hunger. If you need someone to talk to, head over to Facebook or connect with fellow juicers on Twitter using #urbanremedy.

Day 3

By day 3, the initial shock your body may have felt as it was adjusting to a lower caloric intake and detoxing is probably over. Your body's way of cleansing is unique; but in general, a cleanse does get surprisingly easier and more rewarding around day 3. Keep up with the warm water and lemon to continue to flush out all those toxins. You're doing great!

What to Expect

You may feel tempted to nibble on whatever those around you are eating. Stay strong!

Cleansing Tip

If you need support or just want to be a part of a community of those who have cleansed or are cleansing, connect to our facebook or twitter using #urbanremedy.

Day 4

Many report that at this stage they feel an abundance of energy and a true shift in the way their body functions. Enjoy feeling lighter, cleaner and more radiant!

What to Expect

At a certain point, your cleanse might bring forth imbalances that occur beyond the physical level. You may begin noticing that old emotions start to surface. Cleansing can create healing on a whole level. Be receptive, journal about feelings that arise and go easy on yourself.

Cleansing Tip

Go get a massage. Not only will massage help to sooth your nervous system if you're feeling overly emotional, massage also stimulates the lymphatic system which supports the body's ability to detox.

Day 5

Cleansing is not a competition. Besides your commitment to your cleanse, the only other thing that should be guiding you is yourself. If you were planning a hike, but you feel weak, take a nap. Listening to your body is a skill that you can build while also building a healthier you.

What to Expect

Depending on your body's unique way of cleansing, you may notice that despite feeling energized, you need to move slowly and focus your energy within.

Cleansing Tip

Listen to your body. If going for a run doesn't sync with what you truly need, opt for a more mellow walk or restorative yoga. Sometimes more gentle movements compliment the benefits of your cleanse more than a hardcore cardio session.

Day 6

Cleansing is an invitation to heal. How can this opportunity help you make lasting changes to your diet? What have you experienced and learned so far that you will take with you always?

What to Expect

Your body is being restored. Even if your energy levels feel high, you may also notice an increased desire to hibernate. During a cleanse, you are being transformed. During any transformation, a quiet, peaceful space is necessary. Outfit your nest with candles and a good book or magazines to create a spa-like sanctuary for respite.

Cleansing Tip

Take time to press the off button. Curl up with some inspiring literature, meditate or lie down and see if a nap is what you need today.

Day 7

If you're starting to feel like a pro, it's basically because you are. How quickly you can change in a matter of 7 days. Keep up the great work!

What to Expect

Check your thermostat. Not the one on the wall; the one that regulates your body temperature. Cleansing can be very cooling to the body. If you are feeling cold, it is likely related to your cleanse.

Cleansing Tip

Wearing socks during a cleanse will keep your feet warm and will generate heat throughout the rest of your body. If you feel cold at any point in your cleanse, bundle up and support yourself with warmth.

Day 8

Help make sure all those toxins you've been flushing out are not being reabsorbed back into your body. These final days of your cleanse, your organs are working to cleanse and restore your body. Check your environment to see if there are areas you could detox, like tossing chemical household and substituting natural ones.

What to Expect

Toxins get filtered through the liver and kidneys and are moved out through your body's systems of elimination, which include: sweat, urine, bowels and tears.

Cleansing Tip

Dry skin brushing is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system, increase circulation and support the body's ability to release toxins.


What to Do Post Cleanse

By now, you have helped boost stamina, slowed your body's aging process, helped detox your liver, and promoted healthy blood circulation. Your body is definitely giving you a huge thank you hug.

Step 1

Revel in your accomplishment! You have made the choice to give your body a boost of wellness and purification so rejoice in that triumph. Take a moment to remember your motivation for beginning your cleanse and how far you have come.

Step 2

Incorporate solid food slowly into your diet. Many substitute one to two meals a day with our meal replacement drinks. With flavors like PB&J and Chai, these organic treats fill you up, promote good heath and taste fantastic.

Step 3

Amplify the cleansing effects. Steam rooms, Epsom salt baths, massages, and hot and cold showers will all help your body continue to cleanse out the toxins.

Step 4

Repeat. Cleanses can be done as often as you (and your doctor) feel is appropriate. We find that monthly or bi-monthly cleanses work well for most people.

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