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We partnered with Barry’s to make it easy for you to eat cleanly and support your immune system. Infuse your cells with the power of plant foods, and experience the cleanest organic, non-GMO, fresh vegetables, roots, nuts, seeds, oils and superfoods. Down to our salt, every ingredient is chosen for its healing benefits. Get fresh, ready to eat Barry’s plans delivered to your door.

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Healing Food To Support Your Immune System

We believe it should be easy to find food that benefits our health and satisfies our cravings. Every colorful offering we create has the goal of improving health. Brightly colored plant based ingredients contain powerful antioxidants found in the plant pigments that quench free radicals. Along with leveraging the power of plant based foods, we strive to make each offering low glycemic and anti-inflammatory, using the cleanest ingredients on the planet for food that truly nourishes every cell in your body. Learn more about food & immunity on our Blog.

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